01. Description

In the middle of the Misiones rainforest and at the access of "Parque Provincial Salto Encantado", is Tacuapí Lodge, an Eco-Lodge that mimic the lush natural environment to enable the visitor to come into full contact with nature.
The Lodge has 5 cabins with a total capacity for 26 guests. The huts are built entirely with wood reclaimed from the rainforest and old sheds of snuff.
The Lobby, overlooking the forest on the edge of the hills, has a fireplace, Restaurant & Bar, galleries and a large deck that surrounds the pool. The establishment has 50 hectares of nature reserve, ideal to explore diverse paths of different difficulties. Various viewpoints, breaks, waterfalls and bridges allow the visitors to really get inside the rainforest and enjoy the nature that surrounds them by having contact with the splendid flora and fauna of the environ.
Tacuapí Lodge is located 550 meters above sea level, among hills of fresh and mild climate, a stunning scenery and hundreds of waterfalls in its environs such as the Salto Encantado waterfall and the imposing Saltos del Moconá.

02. Services

The Lodge features:

  • Swimming Pool.
  • Wood terraces overlooking the forest.
  • Restaurant and Bar, typical regional and international meals
  • Full board with vegetarian menu options.
  • Fireplace and reading room.
  • Masoterapia Thai.
  • Transfer in & out in 4x4 trucks.
  • Trekking through the lodge paths.
  • Mountain Bike.
  • Flora and fauna sighting.
  • Visits to Saltos del Moconá.
  • Other adventure activities.

03. Cabins

The 5 cabins are withdrawn from the lobby entering the tranquility of the rainforest. They are connected by wooden trails constructed above the floor, winding the native woodland, thus giving security to the visitors and making their movement simple. Furthermore this type of construction allows further soil conservation and the normal circulation of living species below it.
The deck balconies face the rainforest foliage and allow to enjoy the peerles views of the” Parque Provincial Salto Encantado” The cabins are decorated with natural materials and crafts from the región, according to the style and colours of native species.

The cabins with capacity for 4 people were constructed in a single level, while the cabins with capacity for 6 people were built on two levels.

The cabins feature:

  • Balconies overlooking the Misiones rainforest
  • Lounge.
  • Air Conditioning.
  • Heating.
  • Ceiling fans.
  • Mosquito nets.
  • Paraguayan hammocks.
  • Room Service.
  • Bathroom divided in 3 compartments.


Aristóbulo del Valle - Misiones
Adjoining Parque Nacional Salto Encantado

Distances from Tacuapí Lodge

15 km from Aristóbulo del Valle village
6 km from Parque Nacional Salto Encantado
160 km from Posadas
210 km from Iguazú Falls
180 km from Saltos del Moconá

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