Nativa Collection Membership

Being a member of Nativa Collection implies access to a platform-marketing and dissemination of comprehensive, nationally and internationally.
Our proposal is aimed at those owners of hotels with charm, Located in attractive tourist destinations which share the same vision And philosophy regarding distinguished by their identity and to assert the value of the real destination in a unique environment.


- Have a representative office in Buenos Aires and marketing.
- Accessing a central reservations phone line at no cost and income.
- Being a participant of actions designed to your specifications build on the synergy of a select group identified by its seal of quality and excellence.
- Advice from a group of professionals to develop marketing actions and communication.
- Presentation Scheduled establishments in the travel agency, corporate consortia, companies and embassies.
- Access to commercial agreements and strategic group with different types of businesses and affinity groups.
- Service e-marketing to a broad base of contacts.
- Dissemination of collection of member establishments in the most representative of the range and expertise.

Consulting and Advice

We develop specific actions tailored to the needs of each Property:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Press and Communication
  • Branding
  • Development and operation of hotel business

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